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Business Lunches

All our business lunches are hand prepared and presented in baskets. We only use the best, freshest ingredients in our delicious sandwiches. Sandwiches are served at 1 ½ rounds per person on Granary or white bread. Please specify if you have any special dietary requirements. For example, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you create any combination of the following options of suggested menus.

All items are priced per person.

Prices correct as of 19th January 2019.


A Selection of Sandwiches



A Basket of Individual Cakes



A Basket of Fruit



A Selection of Sandwiches with A Basket of Fruit and Cakes



Here at Out To Lunch, we have tried to keep things nice and easy so you can order your business lunches quickly and efficiently. Why not complement your order from the following items.


Individual Fresh Salad Bowls


S £2.20

M £2.90

L £3.90

Individual Fresh Fruit Salad Bowls


S £2.20

M £2.90

L £3.90

Slices of Quiche Lorraine



Sausage Rolls



Pork Pies



Cheeseboard Selection



Bowl of Fresh Pasta


S £2.20

M £2.90

L £3.90

Potato Chips



Fresh Orange Juice



Bottled Water



Selection of Bottled or Canned Drinks



Disposable Plates/Cutlery



Serviettes are complimentary.

We provide a chilled delivery service at a minimal charge. Please see the Deliveries page for further details.

Orders must be placed before 3pm in order to secure next day delivery.